Introduction to Fugaso

Fugaso, short for ‘Future Gaming Solutions’, is an up-and-coming software and game development studio that has built up a unique portfolio of games since it first set up shop.

Established with a mission to deliver fun and exciting gaming experiences using state-of-the-art technologies, unique game mechanics and captivating graphics, Fugaso has already built up a loyal following. Now that it is supported by a wide range of online casino platforms, Fugaso games are enjoyed by players across the world.

Fugaso prioritizes creating engrossing online casino gaming experiences that provide an entertaining yet safe environment to game in.Fugaso always puts player safety and welfare at the core of any games it releases.

History of Fugaso

Fugaso was established in 2016 by the current CEO Niko Mazger and has since grown to be a notable presence in Cyprus, where it is currently headquartered.Mazger is an industry veteran with decades of industry experience.

Unlike other games development studios that seemed to benefit from a smash hit or breakthrough moment to put them on the map, Fugaso has instead had a much more gradual climb to the top. Through releasing titles such as Magic Spinners, Fortune Circus, Book of Anime and, most recently, Magnify Man, Fugaso has had a consistent string of well-received releases that has helped itto establish its name in an increasingly crowded industry.

Fugaso’s rise to the top has been helped by some of the technological innovations that it has brought to the table. This includes its commitment for meeting the highest industry standards when it comes to responsible gambling and content regulation, as well as being selective in choosing who to partner with. This has given Fugaso an edge in what has become an incredibly competitive industry.

Fugaso Top Games

With a wide range of games now under its belt, the Fugaso development team has become known for creating gaming experiences that encapsulate their audience.

Some of the unique features that have been developed for these titles include the ‘Day 2 Day’ jackpot feature, which offers three levels of prizes: daily mini, midi and maxi. Fugaso is also known for its ‘Rich Free Spins ‘feature, which allows operators to create bespoke multipliers and to increase the chances of payouts.

Fugaso is also known for its wild sense of humor. With titles such as Trump It Deluxe Epicways and Spin Tyson, Spin!, Fugaso has shown just how funny online casino games can be!

One of Fugaso’s most popular games is Diamond Blitz 40.This game is a modern twist on the classic four-row, five-reel, 40-payline slot format. In Diamond Blitz 40, players can score electric wild symbols, wild substitutions, scatter wins and a wide variety of other bonuses. It has an RTP of 95.05%, and players can hope to max their bets by 20x the original stake.

Most recently, Fugaso has released Magnify Man, which introduces what looks set to be a long-running series for the studio. Magnify Man features a superhero who is responsible for boosting players’ wealth and battles to give them extra bonuses and multipliers. Although it has only recently been released, Magnify Man has already proved to be a hit with fans! It has a high RTP of 96% and there is a chance to win 10,000x your original bet.

Fugaso Notable Awards

Although it is still a very young development studio in the grand scheme of things, this has not prevented Fugaso from gaining some recognition in the iGaming industry. As a result, Fugaso has already been selected as a finalist in two separate categories of what is arguably the industry’s most prestigious award ceremony, the Ask Gamblers Awards.

Fugaso Summary

By releasing a string of highly popular games that have been well received by critics and fans alike, Fugaso has managed to stand out from the crowd.

By blending a wicked sense of humor, striking and immersive graphics, and unique game mechanics that provide hours of fun, Fugaso’s growing reputation is well deserved. We can only expect its industry reputation to continue to grow in the coming years, and if its performance over the last year is anything to go by, we can expect to see more industry awards won in the very near future!